Friday, February 25, 2011

Police Brutality Rally (UF)

Coalition for Justice Against Police Brutality

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Students once again unite with community groups to demand justice for the shooting of an unarmed and disabled graduate student at UF, as several demands have yet to be met one year after the incident.

On March 2nd 2010, graduate student and teaching assistant Kofi Adu-Brempong was shot in the face with an assault rifle by officers of the University Police Department. Adu-Brempong was mentally-distressed when police were called in response to noise coming from his on-campus apartment at Corey Village.

Adu-Brempong, who is 5’5’’ and weighs less than 150 pounds, is severely disabled from a childhood case of polio. As is widely known, the shooting occurred less than a minute after the officers entered the apartment. In an interview with Adu-Brempong by the Gainesville Sun following the incident, Adu-Brempong said that UPD began firing a high-powered assault weapon at him without issuing any orders or making an arrest. "They should have told me to put up my hands,” he said. When evidence emerged that the shooter was UPD Officer Keith Smith—who had previously been implicated in throwing eggs at African-Americans while off-duty—student groups formed the Coalition for Justice Against Police Brutality and organized two successful rallies to demand justice for Adu-Brempong.

One year after the incident, several of the key demands of this coalition have yet to be met. In particular, the coalition demands the permanent discharge of Officer Smith and the creation of an independent police review board, two key goals in achieving accountability and transparency within UPD. To this end, the coalition will hold a rally on March 2nd from Turlington to Tigert to once again deliver its petitions and express its unequivocal unwavering support for these unmet demands.

Who: The Coalition for Justice Against Police Brutality

What: Rally demanding justice for Kofi Adu-Brempong

Where: Turlington to Tigert

When: Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011, 12pm


  1. Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 at 8am

    Occupy Gainesville begins...and continues indefinitely in Gainesville's Downtown Community Plaza, Bo Diddley Plaza.

    Please come to learn more about what this movement is about. As a politically aware society I am also requesting your presence to share your knowledge with us.

    To give you an idea of events to follow this excerpt has been taken from the above website:


    Direct Action will kick off on Wednesday with a demonstration
    at the downtown Wells Fargo branch. Demonstrators will distribute

    consciousness-raising flyers to bank customers. It was decided
    that any action at Wells Fargo should be symbolic—nondirect
    and educational.

    On Wednesday evening, a Zumba flash mob will commence
    in Bo Diddley Plaza. It will be led by certified Zumba Masters
    (wearing pink). It will be participatory, and everyone is
    encouraged to join in. The start time (either 6:30 or 7:00 pm)
    will be adjusted to accommodate musicians at the plaza.


    A march at UF from Turlington to Tigert to Norman, to protest
    the corporatization of education and to raise awareness
    amongst students. Plans for an aerial photo of protesters
    forming a giant “99%” on Norman Field were put on hold
    until the event can be more well-organized.


    Bank action will be repeated at the Bank of America on University Ave."

  2. Police brutality here in Gainesville is definitely an issue that should be taken seriously. Hopefully investigation will ensure that it won't happen again.

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