Thursday, October 28, 2010

Phone Banking for Tony Ramos

With only 5 days until election day, members of SDS came together to give the City Council race in Pierson, Fl one final push towards descriptive representation.

Dividing almost 100 phone numbers was no hassle among compaƱer@s. The list of registered voters rotated between six volunteers, each using their own cell phones to make the calls. With script in hand, we set out to survey voter support for Tony Ramos, the first Hispanic candidate to challenge the perpetual incumbents of this evolving small town. We also inquired about the need for transportation, since SDS will be offering rides to the polls on election day to ensure high participation in the democratic process.

As with most phone-banking efforts, we ran into the common hurdles of disconnected numbers and absent parties. The people we were able to reach, however, had an encouraging response. The few undecided voters were politely on the fence yet open to listen, we had almost no straight negative responses, and the higher tallied number of answers fell under the Yes category. Moreover, those who expressed their support for Tony sounded enthusiastic and eager to cast their ballot.

The results of November 2nd are hard to predict, but we hope our efforts will help Pierson, Fl bridge the gap between the people and their elected officials through the victory of Tony Ramos.

Hasta La Victoria!

- CompaƱera Diana Moreno
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