Friday, February 5, 2010

Meeting Minutes - Feb 1st + More

The following minutes were taken at our Feb 1st meeting, and additional notes from the trip some SDSers made to Scott Camil's house follow.

Feb. 1st Meeting Minutes - SDS

I. ISO Stuff
A. Haiti Panel – emphasize imperialism, Haitian relations with U.S. – Thurs. Feb. 11th 6pm @ Presbyterian Student Center
B. Call Joe Richard

II. The Blog
B. Anyone can post

III. Anti-War/Camil
A. Scott Camil, Veterans for Peace
B. Make a list of questions on anti-war activity – meet @ his house on Tuesday, Feb. 2nd 8pm or any time during weekend
C. NO SMOKING @ Scott’s house!!!
D. Call Jose Soto
E. Conference Call 4 SDS Anti-War Working Group on Thurs. Feb. 4th @ 10pm

IV. Project Downtown
A. Every Saturday, free meal 4 homeless @ downtown plaza, 1pm
B. Feeding 60 people – lots of cooking!
C. Call Karim
V. Farmworker Awareness Week
A. Possible workshop on Feb. 19th on activist tips related to farmworkers by Larissa
B. Call Jose

VI. March 4th & 20th
A. Actually on March 2nd – Education Rights Action – Plaza of Americas – weekly subcommittee meetings, time TBA
B. March 20th – Anti-War Action
C. Call Justin

VII. AFL-CIO Report Back
A. In Jacksonville, a 200 man rally for worker’s rights and immigrant rights

VIII. CIW/SFA Report Back
A. @ Immokalee, free sweatshirts!
B. Publix is not giving in to CIW’s needs at all
C. April 16th – 18th, a march from Tampa to Lakeland for CIW rights
D. Oscar says hey!
E. Call Richard
F. Internships are available
G. A possible road trip to farms around Gainesville, maybe on the weekend of Feb. 13th
H. SFA meetings, Wed.’s @ 7:30pm, Anderson 32

IX. Civil Rights/Black History Month
A. African Heritage Month
B. Call Dustin Ponder

X. Students for Justice in Palestine
A. Film Screening– Paradise Now – it’s a really frickin’ good movie
D. Monday, February 15, 2010 – Pugh Hall Ocora – 7pm

XI. Ayn Rand Awareness Day
A. In the plaza, tomorrow @ noon thirty


Notes from Trip to Scott Camil's house:

Scott Camil has been a veteran anti-war activist for over 40 years. He has agreed to let us use his house as a base for making some pinback buttons and T-Shirts for SDS. We hope the pinback buttons and the T-Shirts help promote unity in SDS, make our presence in future actions and protests more visible, and generate a small surplus of cash that will be used towards activist supplies. We are going to start this project on Friday, February 12th. Contact for more info.

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